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Geometric art

Season 2 - Zel

Traditional zellige, computer-generated

Out of fascination for the geometry of zellige ornaments, I reverse-engineered each tile's shape and position, in order to be able to create them with digital technology.

This season features traditional designs, while I'll try to innovate on this base in the future.

Zellige - Design 1 preview

Zellige - Design 2 preview

Zellige - Design 3 preview

Season 1 - Natural harmony

Exploring the beauty of Fermat's spiral

So many plants are laid out according to this captivating disposition: sunflowers, Aloe vera, Pine cones...

Based on the same geometric rules, we created our own ecosystem.

Online boutique

A set of colorful garments manufactured by responsible brands.

About us

Alcove, it's actually just one guy in his garage - or sometimes in a hammock -, Mehdi.

After playing around with geometric design for a few years, he thought one day: "Hey, why not try to make this available to other people too? My friends keep saying that my shirts look cool."

Launched in the end of 2017, with the aim of keeping strong values above the search for maximal profit.